Having trouble finding your vehicle's problem?

If your car isn't functioning right, we'll find out why. We'll also do our best to solve your vehicles problem and get you back out on the road.

Truck N Toys Vehicle Repair

Don't be satisfied until your vehicle is working fine

When you come to us, you are being offered complete automotive repair. With over 30 years in business, we know how to fix cars and trucks, and will do everything feasible to help yours. Call today to give your vehicle expert repair service.

Get complete automotive repair from a licensed company:

• Late model cars and light trucks
• Recreational vehicles
• Custom and classic vehicles

Get your vehicle running with our driveshaft services:

• Machine shop services
• Yoke and tube repair
• Custom applications

Is your vehicle not starting?

If you're having trouble with your engine and/or transmission, our licensed experts will help make your vehicle safe and drivable again.

Engine Repair

Get your vehicle back out on the road

If your engine or transmission has a problem, you may have a hard time getting your car or truck to run (at least in the gear you want it to). With over 30 years in business, we know how to fix some of the toughest auto problems, and can give your car dependable service that will help get it back to normal.

Leave our shop with a first-rate engine:

• Diagnostics and repair
• Rebuilt engines with warranty
• Custom - built engines

Drive safely with a new or repaired transmission:

• Diagnostics and repair
• Rebuilt transmissions with warranty
• Clutch service and replacement
• Flywheel resurfacing

Are your brakes not acting quickly enough?

If you're having trouble with your brakes or with exhaust, you're not driving in a safe car. Come to us to make your vehicle fully functional and safe to drive.

Get repairs from an auto service you can always depend on

Having served your area for over 30 years, we know how to give you affordable repairs that will last you a long time. If you're noticing a squealing noise coming from your brakes, or if your car is simply not responding timely enough, you may have a very big problem on your hands. Come to us for an expert solution to your problem.

Solve your exhaust problem with help from our licensed professionals:

• Repair and installation
• Custom pipebending up to 2 - 1/2"
• 3" kits available

Call us for brakes that can stop on a dime

• Service and replacement
• Drum and rotor turning
• Installation on cars, trucks and vans
• 5th wheel hitch installation
• Electric brake controller installation

Want your car to look and function like it's brand new?

If you need expert restoration, just come to us. Your vehicle will appear and perform as if you have just purchased it.

Do you drive a classic car?

With over 30 years in business, we know how to make old cars function at their best. Extra care is always given to classic and custom cars, so your vehicle will get royal treatment. If it's a new purchase, you'll finally experience how the car is supposed to perform. If you've owned this car for a long time, it will soon function the way you remember it functioning.

Call today to make your car perform at its best:

• Custom vehicle restoration
• Classic car and truck restoration
• Light repair to frame - off restoration
• Extra care given to classics and customs

Call today for expert auto service. No job is too big or small

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